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Trafigura Foundation

Peru has undergone several educational, agricultural and health sector improvements in the last half decade and, thanks to the Trafigura Foundation, there have been significant changes in the region.

The Trafigura Foundation sponsors the encouragement of sustainable development; the provision of education; the integration of communities; and the augmentation of health standards across the globe.

The Trafigura Foundation was established as the philanthropic arm of multinational commodity trader Trafigura Beheer BV. The daughter of Founder and Executive Chairman Claude Dauphin, Charlotte Dauphin, currently works to raise awareness of the work completed by the organisation.

Charlotte Dauphin, daughter of Claude Dauphin, Trafigura Foundation

Charlotte Dauphin has been instrumental for the Trafigura Foundation’s involvement in the Peruvian region. Since 2009, the organisation has worked in conjunction with the Fundación Integración Comunitaria (Community Integration Foundation or FIC). Together, the organisations have implemented several programmes and projects aimed at supporting the local communities in rural areas.

The Trafigura Foundation has provided the necessary funding for a variety of major projects orchestrated during the past five years, and continues to do so by working in tandem with support from local authorities such as the Charity Committee of Peru.

These projects have included the construction of a dam in 2011. Funding was necessary for the creation of the structure by the FIC, which collects rainwater at a volume of approximately 4.2 million cubic metres to be redirected into irrigation. This would help supply over 1,500 hectares of farm land with the necessary water to support approximately 4,850 farmers.

The Trafigura Foundation has also helped with the improvement of medical services being provided to extremely rural locations. The establishment of a “flying doctor” system was created in 2011 for those isolated communities based in the area surrounding the Catalina Huanca mine. Medical services are scarce in the region, and by providing the monetary backing for the system the Trafigura Foundation hopes to improve the villagers’ quality of life.

Another area particularly close to Charlotte Dauphin’s heart is the greenhouse project, which provided the materials necessary for growing crops in a greenhouse to the local communities in Pampa Galeras in Peru.

“The foundation provided the seeds and within the first year we saw amazing results,” Dauphin said of the project. “Due to the success of the trial project, each family now has its own greenhouse, which allows them to grow fruit, vegetables and leafy greens…

“This sustainable project has led to healthier adults and children with a different way of life, no longer dependent on help from foundations or others.”

Charlotte Dauphin has said that philanthropy is an urgent service, due to the needs increasing in importance over time. She recently stated: “The reason for urgency has always been there. The longer we wait to address these issues, the harder the job becomes.”

Claude Dauphin, her father and the driving force behind Trafigura, also influenced her decision to become heavily involved in philanthropy. Charlotte Dauphin described her family as “always helping others”, each with their own “unique manner… whether it be emotionally, physically or financially.”