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The W. K. Kellogg Foundation


The W. K. Kellogg Foundation is a philanthropic trust that helps children and young families to attain a higher quality of life through a number of projects and charitable donations in the local community and in educational establishments. The foundation was set up by cereal pioneer Will Keith Kellogg in 1930 and in 1934 he donated the sum of $66 million to the fund, a huge number for the time, the profits from which have kept the fund alive and helping people for over 80 years and counting.

The W. K. Kellogg Foundation has ties to a number of important educational establishments including the famous Oxford University in the UK and Michigan State University in the USA. The foundation regularly gives out substantial grants to various educational institutions as well as running its own charity sectors and programs in the community.

The fund aims to improve conditions for young children in order to give them the best possible chances in life. With programs that work with the community to promote education, health awareness, financial services and a host of other things, the Kellogg Foundation has helped children learn, grow and prosper, while offering strong support and advice to young parents.

The path to a successful school life starts at a young age and it is important that children are able to settle into school as easily as possible. Factors such as geography, race, health and poverty can cause some children to fall behind at a young age, unsettling them from the very start. The foundation aims to work with parents in the community and teachers in the schools, providing training assistance, support and essentially working with both groups in a communal setting to help provide the best possible services for children. By engaging parents, local community leaders and teachers, they are able to make the best possible decisions for helping children get a great start in life, from basic reading and math skills to healthy eating and regular exercise.

The foundation also spends its time promoting a strong, multi-cultural outlook for children, helping to create a less racially-charged and more open community. Acceptance and understanding of other faiths and cultures is essential these days and promoting a healthy, diverse outlook on life is important for developing relationships in school and far beyond. Likewise, the foundation tries to break down economic boundaries by giving less well-off families assistance with gaining grants and benefits while helping them to find training and potential work that can improve their circumstances. A financially secure home life leads to a happier and more productive school life, so by helping the parents, we help the kids too.