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Trafigura Foundation


The Trafigura Foundation was established in late 2007, in response to the aspirations of Trafigura employees wishing to make a tangible and sustainable difference to communities around the world. Since its inception just over six years ago, the Trafigura Foundation has granted $32 million to sustainable development schemes across more than 30 countries.

Based in Trafigura’s offices in Switzerland, and led by Executive Director Vincent Faber, the Foundation’s Executive Team actively selects, manages and monitors the different schemes and programmes to which the Foundation provides support. According to Mr Faber, sustainability is one of the key characteristics of any programme which is chosen by the charitable organisation.

Vincent Faber and Eric de Turckheim - Trafigura

Eric de Turckheim, a founding partner of the firm, has served as Chairman of the Board at the Trafigura Foundation since his retirement from executive duties in 2009.

Claude Dauphin, also a founding partner of Trafigura and current Executive Chairman, is involved with a project that assists families living in the remote Pampas Galleras region of Peru, where the firm operates a copper mine – Mr Dauphin’s daughter, Charlotte Dauphin, also takes an active role in the foundation’s activities.

Charlotte and Claude Dauphin - Trafigura

The organisation places emphasis on funding income-generating programmes and the three areas which it focuses on are: sustainable development, education & integration and health. The overarching goal is to achieve sustained, positive socioeconomic results for both individuals and entire communities. The Foundation does this by providing resources to established development organisations that stand to benefit from the additional allocation provided by the Foundation.

Partner organisations include the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, Initiative Développement and Womanity in Sustainable Development; UWCSEA, Camarada and Cascos Verdes in Education & Integration; and Inter Aide, North Star Alliance and Phacokit in Health.

The Foundation chooses to fund projects over a number of years in order to maximise the potential for sustainability and extended success. In doing so, it creates long-term partnerships and collaborations while regularly measuring their impact and success in numerous ways, including field visits. Executive Chairman Claude Dauphin himself regularly travels to Peru to support the Foundation’s efforts.

In addition, Trafigura employees across the globe actively organise philanthropic activities of their choice, through localised Charity Committees which have been established within the firm. These committees may also nominate a specific cause, which the Trafigura Foundation will review and possibly look to support in future.