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Li Ka Shing, Li Ka Shing Foundation


The Li Ka Shing Foundation was established in 1980 in Hong Kong. It is a compassionate organization that has three main aims.

  • To promote a different culture of giving in Asia by encouraging others to follow the philanthropic ideals of the foundation.
  • To support the reform of education to develop sustainable and positive change.
  • To enable medical services and research to develop so that the world becomes healthier.

In addition to giving large charitable donations to support medical services and educational reform initiatives in China and Hong Kong, the foundation has supported many initiatives around the world.

Hospice services have been established in both mainland China, where thirty-two centres have been opened, and in Hong Kong, which has benefited from the ten hospices that make up the “Heart of Gold” Service Programme. As well as promoting high standards in physical end-of-life care, these hospice services provide holistic care that meets the social, spiritual and psychological needs of patients and of their families. Community support groups are run, and many volunteers are supported to help with various aspects of daily life that patients find difficult or challenging.

In the field of biomedical science, the foundation is tackling the issue of ‘big data’. In order to find ways to reduce healthcare costs and to improve human health, it has provided a $3 million grant to Stanford University for collaborative work with Oxford University to research ways of using the massive amount of biomedical data that exists to find better treatment methods and make accessing healthcare easier. Oxford’s UK bio bank is one of the world’s main databanks of patient information and work here, combined with the expertise in bioinformatics and computer science for which Stanford is renowned, could revolutionise how patients are cared for, identify effective new treatments and solve health-related challenges.

The Technion Israel Institute of Technology has received a donation of $130 million from the Li Ka Shing Foundation to support its campus in Haifa and to work with Shantou University in establishing the Technion Guangdong Institute of Technology in southern China. Undergraduate programmes in computer sciences and environmental and civil engineering will be offered here, and in future years the curriculum will be expanded to include fields such as mechanical and aerospace engineering. Joint research from Israel and China will benefit both countries and connect industries in Guangdong with new technological solutions.

Li Ka Shing

The Li Ka Shing Foundation is committed to helping people in need through education and healthcare initiatives, and it continues to work towards its aim of creating a healthier world.