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Rainforest scene

The welfare of our environment and of the people in Third World Countries who live off the land have long been subjects of great concern to our global society, particularly in recent years as global climate change and population increases have led to such issues as deforestation, desertification, poverty and starvation. Across the world there are dozens of charities working hard to help both the environment and people in poor communities who may not have access to clean drinking water, medicine, healthcare or education. Rather than just handing out aid, these charities give local people the tools and knowledge with which to help advance and empower themselves, ensuring that in the future they and their children will be able to lead better lives.

One charity which seamlessly combines aiding people with aiding the environment is The Rainforest Foundation UK (RFUK). This charity’s motto is Securing Lands, Sustaining Lives and this is a very accurate depiction of what the foundation does. The destruction of the world’s rainforests – and, by proxy, the destruction of the communities who live in and depend on them – is this charity’s crucial focus. Their current projects include monitoring the forest policy in Gabon, providing education for children in Cameroon and backing the creation of a new law recognising the human rights of indigenous tribes in the Congo.

The East Meets West Foundation and Global Angels charity provide similar help to struggling communities around the world, with their focus always being on how to come up with sustainable, long-term solutions to issues such as lack of education and healthcare. Most recently East Meets West (EMW) has received an award from the Global Partnership on Output-Based Aid for their Upper Secondary Education Enhancement Program and have partnered with the Vietnam Tooth Project once again, donating both supplies and volunteers to the Da Nang Clinic.

Meanwhile Global Angels have recently released a charity single called “One Drop” and continue to work tirelessly to provide education, food, water and healthcare to poverty-stricken communities in places such as Kenya, Sub-Saharan Africa, Mozambique, India, Pattaya and Mumbai.

The Rainforest Foundation UK
233A Kentish Town Road,
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7485 0193
Fax: +44 (0) 20 7485 0315

East Meets West
By email: info@eastmeetswest.org
USA Headquarters (Oakland, CA): 1-800-561-3378 or 510-763-7045
Asia Headquarters (Hanoi, Vietnam): +84-4-3834-7790

Global Angels
Global Angels
International Office
Golden Cross House
8 Duncannon St
London WC2N 4JF
Telephone: +44(0)20 7 484 5408
UK Registered Charity Number 1102826
Email: info@globalangels.org

photo credit: SteveD.